Nubia Z18 Mini slated to launch on April 11

The Nubia Z series is the crown of the whole Nubia line. And like its previous iterations, it appears that it will have several variants. Nubia has officially announced a launch date of Mini variant of the Z18. Press invites from the company make it clear the Nubia Z18 Mini will launch on April 11.

The Nubia 18 Mini being a completely new revelation is mostly a rogue phone. Most of its specs as well as design details are unknown. However, one thing the invites hint is the camera megapixel count. Talk is that the Nubia Z18 Mini might feature a dual 24MP camera. As the number “24” appears besides the dual lens.

Nubia Z18 Mini

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Moreover, the handset will be a successor to the Nubia Z17 Mini. As such, we expect a small screen that might be around 5.0-5.4 inches at best. Also, with Nubia adopting thin bezels even on bid-rangers, this one is also bound to have one.

Speculation is rife that Nubia will put out a 4GB + 64GB model as well as a 6GB + 64GB model in the market. Besides this, Nubia should also launch the standard flagship Nubia Z18 soon in the near future. Nubia recently launched the Nubia N3, and the Nubia V18 in China. Both the handsets are mid-range phones aimed at the middle-class segment in China.

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  1. Giulio Dainese
    April 2, 2018

    Please be small

    • James
      April 11, 2018

      5.7″ screen – definitely not mini!

  2. Patrick Quinn
    April 3, 2018

    Oh look another phone. I hate this trend we are seeing at the moment, endless phone releases without supporting your previous years models with updates. Why would anyone buy a phone that gets abandoned by the manufacturer immediately. If they are going to insist on doing this the least they could do is release their kernel sources and unlock their bootloaders upon release. Or better still just move everything over to treble and let us do the rest.

    • Guest
      April 3, 2018

      I believe the Z17 Mini got Mokee, which is a cyangenmod from China ripoff. The camera is crap though because they are afraid of a takedown, which is kind of ironic given sources werent released and the GPL was ignored.

  3. James
    April 11, 2018

    24mp + 5mp rear cameras, 3450 mah battery, SD660.
    Still has a 3.5mm headphone jack! Starts at 1799cny for th 6GB RAM/64 GB ROM variant (128GB is 2099).
    The display is 8:9 ratio and 5.7″ (then did we start refering to phones with 5.7″ screens as mini?!?!) with a resolution of 2160×1080 pixels. The screen to body ratio is 86.25%.
    Lets hope there is an international version, with Band 20 support and stock android (with Treble support)