Video : Vernee M6 tries to challenge the iPhone 8 Plus

Vernee M6

Vernee surely likes to challenge the big brands during the marketing campaign for their phones and because today starts the presale period of the new Vernee M6 we have a new video for that. And you can guess the competitor, of cours it will be an Apple product so in the video below you can see the $99.99 priced Vernee M6 standing against the $799 priced iPhone 8 Plus.

The review focuses on the aspects that are favorable for the Vernee model, because in sheer power or hardware equipment it’s no match for the iPhone. But with the bigger 5,7-inch 18:9 screen with screen-to-body ratio of 80.34%, 6.9mm thickness or external and call volume it can actually score some minor victories. Or with the battery endurance, so check out the video to see for yourself.

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With the price difference being so vast you can actually buy 8 Vernee M6 models for the price of one iPhone, so it’s obvious the cost effective choice is there for sure. The lowest price can really reach just $99.99 and the phone is quite a bargain for such money.

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