Wavefun Micro Mini Earbud review: tiny, yet awesome

I have to be honest, I’m a guy who doesn’t use Bluetooth headsets/earbuds/headphones in his everyday life. I don’t find them to be comfortable for once, but I also tend to always bring my phone to my ear every time it rings – and perhaps that’s not the smartest thing I could do.

I also hate cords and having huge headphones protruding from my head so all of the above have led me to a life of solitude – as far as Βluetooth headsets/earbuds/ headphones are concerned. That’s why when I got this small beauty called Wavefun Micro Mini Earbud, I wasn’t THAT “hyped” to do a review –  I admit it. Alas I was mistaken… and that’s the reason why:

Wavefun Micro Mini Earbud

Wavefun Micro Mini Earbud: basic package

  • WAVEFUN Micro Mini Bluetooth Earpiece
  • Magnetic USB Charging Dock
  • White Color Gift Box
  • S/M/L Black Ear Tips
  • English User Manual

It’s really easy to activate and connect your phone to the Wavefun Micro Mini Earbud the first time you receive its package. Just turn it on by pressing continuously the first (protruding) button until the notification LED in the middle pulses in red-blue color – indicating that it’s waiting to pair with your smartphone.

Go to the Bluetooth Settings of your device, locate the WAVEFUN Micro device and select it. That’s all, pairing complete 🙂

Wavefun Micro Mini Earbud: main features

MINI & LIGHT WEIGHT: It’s surely one of the smallest earbuds on the market, weighing only 3,9 gr. while providing exceptional ease of use and portability. Its dimensions are 3.5 x 2.4 x 1.1 inches making it REALLY easy to misplace or even lose it, so try to be careful where you place it when you’re not using it. 

In fact I did manage to misplace it for a couple of days, but I finally remembered that I had placed it inside my trouser’s pocket once. And thankfully my wife hadn’t put it yet in the washing machine.

COMFORT & SECURE FIT IN EITHER EAR: It’s ergonomically-designed and in its basic package you will find 3 different sized ear plugs, that ensure a great snug and secure fit in your ear, no matter which one you prefer: left or right. 

It fits exceptionally in the ear. It doesn’t move at all, and you can easily use it while running, walking, cycling or whatever you do that needs excessive body movement. Trust me, as long as you choose the right ear plug, you won’t have any issue with its fit in your ear. 

Very good SOUND quality: It’s excellent for everyday phone calls, with impressive maximum volume, enabling you to use it even in crowded areas, or while you’re in a busy street, or in a room full of people talking. The caller will NOT complain about the clarity of your voice, but you won’t complain either about the volume of each phone call. 

It’s louder than other budget Bluetooth earbuds that are available in the market, providing a decent communication experience for the average user. 

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If you want to listen to music on the other hand (why would anyone would use a single earbud for music?) then you won’t be impressed. It’s Bluetooth 4.1 compatible and uses a CSR8610 chip for audio, providing decent treble and non-existent bass obviously. Don’t get me wrong, you can enjoy your favorite songs from your phone if you want, but surely there are way better stereo headsets and headphones in the market that provide excellent music quality. 

Note also that it has voice notifications like «Power On/Power Off, Phone Connected, Phone Disconnected etc).

You’re gonna love its MAGNETIC USB CHARGER: It’s really easy to charge it using it, just by connecting it to any available USB port: on your PC, laptop, on a power outlet with an adaptor, directly from a power bank etc. 

You only have to place the Earbud close to the hole of its charger and instantly the magnets there will attract it with significant strength, making sure it doesn’t slip. A red indicator light shines when it’s charging and it goes off when charging is complete 😉 It’s that simple.

It takes approximately 1 hour to fully charge it, enabling you to talk for almost 5 hours straight before it needs to be recharged. Alternatively you can keep it in stand by mode for several days (80 hours or so), depending the use of course.

DUAL BUTTONS, for easy Siri/Google Assistant support: Given its REALLY small size, one would think that there would be no space for extra buttons etc. Fortunately this is NOT the case here, as the Wavefun Micro Mini Earbud comes with two buttons: one for the typical answer/end and play /Pause functions and a second to reduce volume and skip songs. 

It’s also compatible with most Smartphone Assistants such as Siri (iOS), Google Assistant (Generic Android), Bixby (Samsung) etc. You can easily activate it by holding the main button for 2 seconds. 

Given its current price, I really cannot find something negative to tell about this gem that could possibly change the way I have been using smartphones all my life :p And that’s making me use a Bluetooth headset/Earbud during the everyday use of my smartphone. 

Just make sure you always know where you put it, and that you don’t misplace it (like I did). I know there are several other similar gadgets out there (at the same price range) but all I can say for this specific is that it SURELY is worth its money. 

I enjoyed its battery life, but I used it only for phone calls, not music playback. This means that it was on stand by most of the time, waiting to be activated in case a phone call came through. If you’re in the market for a Bluetooth 4.1 enabled Earbud then don’t miss the opportunity to take a close look on this little gem. You might be surprised 😉

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