Official: Huawei Gives Up On The US Market

There has been a long tussle between Chinese manufacturing giant, Huawei, and the United States government. For long, the company has tried to penetrate the US market but the government has always rebuffed its attempts. Now, reports suggest that the US is no longer part of Huawei’s global strategy. Therefore, Huawei will quickly reduce the scale of US operations and it is expected that it will completely withdraw from the US market by the end of this year.

In response to this report, Huawei state that on the development of the U.S. market, nothing is really out of line. Huawei’s response to the reports does not give a definite statement but the company certainly did not deny the news. Therefore, it can be guessed that Huawei is likely to really bid farewell to the United States.

It appears that Huawei’s is tired of the whole brouhaha. Huawei’s rotating CEO, Xu Zhijun, clearly pointed out that: “Some things cannot be changed by us, so it’s best not to look too heavy so that we have more energy and time to serve others. Customers, develop better products, meet customer needs. Some things go with it, and we will be convinced.” (our translation is a little rusty).

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