Gooseneck Kettle by Doctor Hetzner on Sale at Amazon

Gooseneck Kettle by Doctor Hetzner

Quite unordinary deal post today, but we gotta keep the servers running somehow. Plus, if your work is mostly on a PC, then you might actually need a quick and easy way to prepare your favorite cup of tea or coffee. Keep reading to learn more about this unique looking Gooseneck Kettle by Doctor Hetzner.

Gooseneck Kettle by Doctor Hetzner

The product above is one of the first gooseneck kettles with a preset temperature control system. Which means you can accurately set the correct temperature for your tea or coffee to make it taste as good as it can.

The precision digital control gives you the ability to heat water to within 1 degree – no more harsh tasting burned coffee. Pressing the power key will quickly set the default heating temperature to 212°F. Then press the “+” or “-” keys to adjust to your desired temperature. Once your water boils to your chosen temperature, you will hear a soft reminder.

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Kettle’s full capacity is 1.2 litre but it is recommended you only fill to around 1L to avoid overspilling. It’s also made of safe food-grade stainless steel, so no corrosion, bacteria or mold is going to happen.

Finally, the gooseneck kettle is quipped with the Strix internal temperature control system. So, this 120V, 1000W kettle takes just 4-6 minutes to boil 1-1.2L of water, which means you can enjoy pure-tasting coffee or tea in no time. There’s also a one-hour keep warm function if you do not want to wait and reheat it again in that lapse of time.

You can get the Gooseneck Kettle by Doctor Hetzner over on Amazon for just $49.95.

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