Cubot Mother’s Day Promo Kicks Off at AliExpress

Cubot Mother's Day

Mother’s Day happens once a year, so if you don’t usually show much love or appreciation to the person who brought you to the world, this upcoming Sunday will be the day. Phone brands also like to use this occurrence to get you to buy a phone for your mother, but let’s be honest, if you didn’t buy her one before, you won’t do it now – but we might be wrong.

Cubot Mother's Day

What we like about Mother’s Day promos is that they’re just that – promos. So, if you wanted to buy an handset from Cubot and were waiting for a deal, now it’s the time to do it. Let’s check out the devices on sale!

The CUBOT X18 Plus is $34 off at $144.94 (Original Price: $178.94)

Gizchina News of the week

The CUBOT R9 drops by $22.62 costing $71.87 (Original Price: $71.87).

The rugged CUBOT Kingkong is now $22 offs, so it’ll set you back $93.78 (Original Price $115.78).

Finally, the CUBOT H3 with its massive 6000mAh battery is $29.35 off, which means it’ll cost you $110.42 (Original Price: $139.77).

In addition to the above offers, there are additional benefits, such as $2 off when shopping amount is over $89 in CUBOT official stores, $5 off for $199, and $20 off for $699.

Visit the Mother’s Day promo page here to buy your next device!

Once again, remember to wish your mother happy Mother’s Day next Sunday!


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