Coolpad Seeks To Ban Eight Xiaomi Phones Including The Mi MIX 2

There are numerous patents which belong to multiple manufacturers and an infringement of these patents is usually a huge case. Now, it is the turn of Coolpad, a third tier Chinese manufacturer and Xiaomi. The former successively filed for patent infringement and it is currently seeking for the ban of eight Xiaomi smartphones including the Mi MIX 2. Today, Yulong Computer Communications, a subsidiary of Coolpad Group, sued Xiaomi Communications Technology Co., Ltd., Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd., and Xiaomizhijia Commercial Co., Ltd. Nanjing First Branch for patent infringement.

Yulong Communication believes that Xiaomi infringed the patent “Method for Implementing Call Record Interface System of Multi-Mode Mobile Communication Terminal”  with patent number ZL200610034036.7. The company is seeking that Xiaomi immediately halts the sales, and production of Xiaomi MIX 2, Redmi Note 4X, Xiaomi Mi 6, Xiaomi Mi Max 2, Xiaomi Mi Note 3, Xiaomi Mi 5X, Redmi Note 5, and Redmi 5 Plus. It also wants Xiaomi to compensate it for its losses over the years. Coolpad said that the case has been accepted but has not yet been heard.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S

Last week, Coolpad lamented that Xiaomi is still producing these devices after receiving the suit and it recently filed another application with Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court requesting Xiaomi to immediately stop the infringement of the patent and stop production. Early this year, Coolpad said that Xiaomi is violating its patents and requested that the company stop producing the erring models. However, Xiaomi responded by saying that it has not received any suit. According to information received by Kuai Technology, Xiaomi still has not received any suing documents.

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