US Establishes AI Committee To Watch Chinese AI Enterprises

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently a focal point in the smartphone industry. As of now, American companies are doing very well in this regard and a recent research by Compass Intelligence shows that the top six companies in AI research are American companies. The first Chinese company on the list is Huawei and it came in 12th position, however, the US government is still very wary of Chinese AI companies.

White House organized a science and technology summit involving experts in the field of artificial intelligence. Michael Krasius, deputy director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, announced that he will form a special committee on artificial intelligence. The committee is composed of leading researchers in the field of artificial intelligence in various government departments. One of the major responsibilities of this committee is to watch the progress of AI technology in China. The US knows that they are ahead but it also knows that China is not very far behind.

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Michael Krasius said that they have made the United States the most advanced country in artificial intelligence research and development in the world, and its task now is to let the United States continue to lead the field in artificial intelligence. Not only focusing on existing technologies, but also providing resources to explore more possibilities.

While developing, we are also watching for progress in China. According to informed sources, the United States is also considering expanding the scope of its investigation. It is promoted by members of the US Congress and some officials of the Trump administration. They are concerned about possible theft of US intellectual property rights or the transfer of technology from US companies to China, especially in the AI field.

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According to industry analysts, any attempt by the U.S. government to cut off Sino-U.S. technology enterprise relations may have a huge impact on the entire industry. Major U.S. technology companies including Qualcomm, AMD, Nvidia and IBM all have activities in China, from setting up research laboratories to training programs, and often working with Chinese companies or institutions.

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