BESTEK 10-Cup Coffee Maker on Sale at Just $69.99 on Amazon

BESTEK 10-cup Coffee Maker

Today, we check out an out of the ordinary device for GizChina, but we gotta keep them servers running somehow! Plus, who doesn’t love coffee? Jokes aside, the BESTEK 10-cup coffee maker is a great product from a reliable brand that also comes at a quite affordable price. If you were looking for an easy and quick way to make coffee at home, then keep reading!

BESTEK 10-cup Coffee Maker

BESTEK’s 10-cup coffee maker comes with state-of-the-art technology brewing coffee at up to 185 Fahrenheit (85 Celsius) which is the most suitable temperature to get the best taste out of coffee. Additionally, there’s an “Aroma mode” that is able to control brew strength, so the coffee maker will extract the coffee ground with hot water every 8 mins to make a bold coffee for you.

BESTEK 10-cup Coffee Maker

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The 24-hour programmable functional then allows you to set a time to brew coffee whenever you desire, you can also set up a temperature at which you want the coffee to be after the brewing cycle is finished. That temperature will be kept for half an hour.

The permanent reusable filter are made out of nylon, which ensures less coffee grounds going into the glass, it also makes it easy to wash and much more durable. Alternatively the BESTEK coffee maker is compatible with basket-style #4 paper filters.

Finally, the machine is dishwasher safe as it’s BPA free, so you can put the carafe into the dishwasher without worries.

The BESTEK 10-cup coffee maker is currently on sale over at Amazon for just $69.99. Learn more about it on the official website.

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  1. rumpeltizkin
    May 19, 2018

    for coffee lovers like me 🙂

    • gabe141
      May 21, 2018

      Coffee maker is widely use at home and office, this one seems not bad.