Samsung Seeks 5G Commercialization Standard From Final 3GPP Working Group Meeting

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Today, Samsung Electronics announced that itĀ will host the final 3GPP working group meeting in Busan, South Korea from May 21st to May 25th to complete the development of 5G mobile communication standards.Ā It is reported that this meeting will eventually determine the relevant 5G commercialization standard.Ā About 1,500 experts from chip, mobile phone and component manufacturers, including Samsung, Qualcomm, Verizon, AT&T, NTT DoCoMo, KT and SK Telecom will attend the conference to complete the first standard in the 5G phase.Samsung Holds Final 3GPP Working Group Meeting to Determine 5G Commercialization Standard

Seunghwan Cho, executive vice president of Samsung Electronics, stated

ā€œThe first 5G standard, including innovative technologies developed by Samsung Electronics, will be completed at this 3GPP conference…”This will lead the market to commercializeĀ 5GĀ communication to serve as the core infrastructure for the coming fourth industrial revolution,”

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In December last year, 3GPP approved for the first time the existing 4G LTE as a 5G non-independent (NSA) standard for connecting to the 5G hub.Ā Since the 5G independentĀ standard will be completed at this meeting in Busan, the first 5G commercialization standard phase will be formally approved in the United States at the 3GPP general meeting next month.Ā TheĀ 5G peak rate has been increased from 1 Gbps in 4G LTE to 20 Gbps, the user experience rate has been increased from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps, and the delay has been reduced from 10 ms to 1 ms.

Samsung Holds Final 3GPP Working Group Meeting to Determine 5G Commercialization Standard

Samsung is a leader in the development of new technologies, standards, and patents. Now it seeks a 5G Commercialization Standard for 5G tech. As of this month, a total of 1,254 patents have been obtained.Ā Samsung Electronics ranked first in the list of 3GPP member companies that filed 5G standard patents with the European Telecommunication Standardization Organization.

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