Meizu shares more info regarding their Flyme7 UI and its AI features

On April 22, the Meizu 15 series was officially launched in Wuzhen. Its classic industrial design, top photographing experience, as well as the Flyme 7 operating system, take the user-smartphone interaction experience to a new level, and bring an accelerated growth to Meizu 15’s popularity on the market. Flyme7

According to Meizu’s official statistic data, up to midnight April, 29 Beijing time, over 10,000 units were sold within the first 15 minutes for the Meizu 15 series, and its sales number is still climbing fast and takes the total units sold to new highs. Good products will undoubtedly bring better market feedback. Each upgrade in Flyme’s history brings new surprises to consumers. This time is no exception. The latest Flyme upgrade still follows the principle of “perfecting the user experience”.  By optimizing and improving the system, it will bring more intelligent, more secure, more intimate system experience to the consumers.

Flyme7 – More practical features

Such features include Facial Recognition, Bubble Notification, Night Mode, Portrait Backtrace,AI Beautification and so on. 

Although they are secondary, these features are targeting issues meaningful to some customers. For example, the night mode feature can help late-night gamers protect their vision. Portrait backtrace improves focusing capability on more people when they do group photos. Facial Recognition can help you verify and unlock your phone only in 0.1s. AI Beautification can intelligently recognizes gender, age, skin type and facial features and then matches the ideal beautification program.

These kinds of improvement seem to be minor. However, the development team really needs to better understand the need from users’ standpoint and they did put in a lot of effort to bring the best possible user experience to the users.

Flyme7 – AI brings revolutionary customer experience

Gizchina News of the week

Ever since last year, AI has become such a critical part for the smartphone industry. The reason is that it has greatly improved the overall user experience. It is made possible with algorithmic enhancements in terms of camera optimization, system optimization, and hardware and software integration. 

Flyme 7 also introduces the One Mind Inter Connect concept. By connecting the world’s top companies in the artificial intelligence arena, it helps to bring the most advanced intelligent algorithms to the One Mind AI engine. The direct impact is that smartphones become more secure, operate more smoothly, and help people solve more problems in a much more efficient way.

In terms of system optimization, AI has improved and optimized based on hundreds of usage scenarios such as APP malicious startup, memory takeover, album loading, and video playback. The system runs more smoothly while maintaining high power efficiency.

Flyme7 – Functional and system innovations coexist

Speaking of functional innovations, the Flyme team keeps impressing users with practical secondary features at every stage. In today’s smartphone market, system and UI homogeneity is becoming more and more of a trend. It can surprise users – just like what’s said in the movie Forrest Gump, “life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” These secondary features are like small tricks, often bring users pleasant surprises. 

It’s safe to say that with the powerful configuration, the combination of hardware and software on Meizu 15 series brings the optimized balance. Flyme 7 software system is a big step forward comparing to the previous generations. On one hand, the experience when handling frequent use of functional scenarios and software is a lot more fluent and is further enhanced. On the other hand, new and innovative features, as well as practical and thoughtful features, bring great convenience to people’s daily life.

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