Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar Offered at Discounted Price of $122.99

Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar

Xiaomi pays much attention to all of its products. Especially, this statement is true for laptops, TV products, smart home appliances, etc. We know Xiaomi is the second TV seller in China. No one should be surprised to see it grabs all the first positions in many spheres. There is nothing strange. It works hard, and it knows what it’s doing. Just recently, this manufacturer launched many new TVs. But it’s an entire ecosystem, and if you buy a Xaomi TV without a Xiaomi soundbar, it will be incomplete. About a couple of months ago, the company announced the Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar aka Xiaomi TV Bluetooth Speaker. As for now, it’s available for a discounted price tag of $122.99.

As for design, the Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar continues Xiaomi’s simple (minimalistic) style. It comes with a white long stripe body design, the front of which is made of fabric to provide a more literary atmosphere not only with all kinds of TVs but also with the home interior integration.

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The distinguishing feature of the Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar comes with eight sound units instead of two. There are two 20-ball dome tweeters, two 2.5-inch subwoofers, and four passive radiators. The sound frequency response range is 50Hz-25000Hz. Though there are no doubts concerning the quality, Xiaomi is a newbie in this field. So many would like to get some proofs. It turns out the Xiaomi TV team has worked under the leadership of the original Philips Home Audio Acoustic Architecture teacher, Wang Fuyu to come in with an excellent product.

Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar

The soundbar comes with 7 physical buttons on the top – Volume Reduction, Bluetooth, AUX IN, Line IN, SPDIF, Optical, and Volume rocker. To connect various peripherals, the Xiaomi MI TV Soundbar sports multiple interfaces such as Optical, SPDIF (SONY, PHILIPS digital audio interface), Line in (AV audio), AUX IN (3.5mm audio) interfaces on the back, and supports Bluetooth. So no matter whether we are dealing with an old TV or the latest generation smart TV. Any of them can be paired easily. Of course, it can also connect mobile phones, computers, projectors, and many other devices.

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