IDC: Apple & Xiaomi Tops The Smart Wearable Market

The wearable market is not as lucrative as the smartphone business but the likes of Apple and Xiaomi still make their marks. A recent data released by IDC shows that Apple tops the wearable shipment list with a 13.5% growth year over year while the likes of Xiaomi, Fitbit, Huawei, and Garmin all made the top 5 list.

Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi, who recently released the high-demand Xiaomi Mi Band 3 was placed second with only 1.8% of the money. While Xiaomi’s Amazfit releases a couple of smartwatches from time to time, Xiaomi Mi Bands drops once in two years, at least for the first three generations of the Mi Bands. As of today, the pre-orders for Xiaomi Mi Band 3 exceeds 600,000 and this and the more to come will certainly make a positive impact in its wearable business for subsequent quarters.

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Company 1Q18 Shipment Volume (in millions) 1Q18 Market Share 1Q17 Shipment Volume 1Q17 Market Share Year-Over-Year Change
1. Apple 4 16.10% 3.6 14.30% 13.50%
2. Xiaomi 3.7 14.80% 3.6 14.60% 2.30%
3. Fitbit 2.2 8.70% 3 12.20% -28.10%
4. Huawei 1.3 5.20% 0.5 2.10% 147.00%
5. Garmin 1.3 5.00% 1.1 4.60% 9.10%
Others 12.6 50.30% 12.9 52.10% -2.30%
Total 25.1 100.00% 24.8 100.00% 1.20%

Fitbit which is just as expensive as Apple managed to hold on to third place while another Chinese manufacturer, Huawei clinched the fourth position and its market share saw a 100% rise compared to last year. Comparatively less known Garmin, was stuck in the fifth position but IDC believes that the company can do more to keep up with the current trends in the wearable industry. However, ist recently launched Garmin Pay and music playback made some impact to its business.

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