Wang Feng: Huawei’s GPU Turbo Is Just A Marketing Gimmick

In recent times, there has been a lot of talks about Huawei’s recent technology dubbed GPU Turbo. This tech is reported to increase graphics processing efficiency by up to 60% and reduce SoC power consumption by 30%. However, Wang Feng, the founder of Blueport Interactive recently granted Zhao Ming, Honor’s president an interview on “3 o’clock Mars Financial Blockchain Learning Growth Group”.

In the interview, Wang Feng asked about the “very scary technology” that has been recently released called GPU Turbo. He stated that though the live demonstrations of this tech are really amazing, it was only tested and optimized for a small number of games and this is just a marketing gimmick. This got Zhao Ming a bit infuriated and he stated categorically that GPU Turbo is a revolutionary graphics processing enhancement technology. He further stated that the six games that were tested and optimized by GPU Turbo involve various fields and directions thus are very representative. He used games of widely different genre to make his point stating that if the technology works just well on all front, then it works perfectly.

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GPU Turbo is based on hardware and software collaboration and integrated design. According to Mr. Zhao, this technology is based on Huawei’s own software and hardware development and for the time being, other chip platforms cannot support it.

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1 Comment

  1. zargaza
    June 12, 2018

    I dont thing gpu turbo is a marketing gimmick…OEMs only have to tweak this tech a little and we can forget about hardware stacking on Android devices