Galaxy S10 might ditch the traditional earpiece for under-display earpiece

While the Galaxy the Galaxy S9 and S9+ were mere iterations of the Galaxy S9 duo, the South Korean giant undoubtedly is expected to present us a reinvented Galaxy S10 that can stand the competitions. Though we won’t be seeing the S10 until later in 2019,  however, like is usually the case, murmurs about the device.s specs, release date and possible specs and feature are already creeping in.

The iPhone X style Display Notch in the past few months is gradually turning out to becoming a USP for every OEMs, however, whatever design form Samsung adopts for the Galaxy S10, it is expected to adopt the no Notch strategy,  so it definitely has to be extra innovative in order to increase the screen-to-body ratio of its upcoming Galaxy S10.

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While it is almost now certain that the Galaxy Note 9 won’t get the under-display fingerprint treatment, the Galaxy S1 is said to be the first of Samsung’s device to get that. Now, a new report from Samsung home country has it that Samsung’s display unit is on the verge of mass producing mobile displays that could double as the earpiece, obviating the need for the traditional earpiece. The tech which was first demoed at the Society of Information Displays (SID) 2018 expo last month aims to further allow for even thinner bezels running from top to the bottom of a smartphone. The technology as per report is set to debut in a Samsung phone with a  6.2 inches display that is tipped to launch in the 2019 Q1.

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As innovative as it sounds, Samsung won’t be the first to have such in its device. In fact, the recently unveiled VIVO NEX S has the tech in place, which in Vivo ’s own terms is called the Vivo glass-vibrating “screen soundcasting technology,” which replaces the earpiece speaker.

While this appears interesting, the need for iris scanner and front camera could mean that the Galaxy S10 might not be entirely bezel-free, though it remains to be known if Samsung has a different approach to that.

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