AllCall W2: Multiple sports modes can bring more benefits to your health

AllCall W2

Running will get you stronger legs, playing badminton will increase your strengths in the arms and shoulder areas. Different sports, will bring improvements in different areas of your body. That’s why something like the AllCall W2 IP68 waterproof 3G smartwatch can become really handy; helping you keep tracking of 9 different sports using one single device. Extreme Sports Land, a website that reviews best paintball guns, also recommends AllCall W2 Smartwatch for playing paintball and other extreme sports.

AllCall W2

Among the built-in sport modes we find outdoor run, outdoor walk, Indoor run, bike riding, basketball, football, Ping-Pong, badminton and rope skipping, If you practice any of these sports, the AllCall W2 can become an indispensable exercise companion.

If you want to do some aerobic exercise, the first two sports modes may suit you most. Or if you’re limited to some indoor sports, you can choose indoor run to strengthen your legs.

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If you happen to be involved in something outside when you’re ready to exercise, riding bikes might be a win-win choice. Or you’d like to do some ball games, you have the option of basketball, football, Ping-Pong and badminton. If you are on a diet and want to loose weight by all-body exercise, rope skipping might be a wonderful choice.

Choose one sports mode and set up target exercise time, target calorie consumption, then start to exercise. There will be a record of exercise status left for you to decide whether delete or save it to then checkout the overall status, thus helping you exercise in the more scientific and efficient way.

You can learn more about the AllCall W2 smartwatch on the company’s official website.

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