Xiaomi Wooden Digital Wall Clock Arrives For 199 Yuan ($31)

Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, has a really huge ecosystem which releases all sorts of products including smart and non-smart devices. Today, Xiaomi has introduced a simple wooden digital wall clock with a woody sense and sand this product comes with a 199 Yuan ($31) price tag. The Xiaomi Wooden Digital Wall Clock is produced by Hangzhou Tig Technology Co., Ltd. and it is also responsible for after-sales service.

This clock is durable and pressure resistant. It is not easily deformed and it has unique dot markings that are simple and delicate. It is designed by a master woodworker who selected the best of logs and polished. It has a diameter of 24cm and a thickness of 3.8cm. The Xiaomi Wooden Digital Wall Clock uses slightly concave dial design which protects the pointer from being destroyed. At the same time, it presents a three-dimensional arc, which is more beautiful in low light condition and shadow environment. Generally, this is a simple clock which is designed for lovers of wooden equipment. On the rear, it has an exposed slot for inserting the battery and a knob for resetting the tim

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  1. Chidoc1
    June 24, 2018


    • newphoenix
      June 24, 2018

      It has digits from 1 to 12 so technically it is digital.

    • Chidoc1
      June 24, 2018


  2. newphoenix
    June 24, 2018

    It is curved and can be used as plate for food.