Foscam E1 Wire-free IP Security Camera for a Smart and Secure Life

foscam E1

What’s the easiest way to secure the safety of your family and property? Home security cameras could be a great option, with a wire-free one being even better. Here’s the thing about traditional home security cameras: they usually require experts or professionals to install them. However, the newly released Foscam E1 has minimized the time and effort people have to spend on setting up their own home-surveillance.

The Foscam E1 is a refreshing take on a latest market trend – wireless cameras, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. This particular one stands out for four main features: no wires, 1080P stream, powered by rechargeable battery, 7 days’ free cloud storage up to 1GB – you’d hardly find a similar deal with other cameras. This also means it is extremely easy to install and operate around your house, along with the help of magnetized mounts. Whenever motion or sound is detected, the captured clips will be synchronized to your smartphone, you’ll be send an alert and it’ll be stored in the cloud for 7 days, free of charge.

foscam E1

The surveillance system is sold in a kit that includes a camera and a WIFI base station which is used to connect with the router. Four cameras can be connected to an E1 HUB at the same time, therefore, you can purchase these cameras individually, in multipacks, or bundled with a hub (add-on camera will be available soon).

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foscam E1

Foscam also offers a fairly comprehensive after-sale service. In regards of product setting and product faulty, customers can directly contact them customer support team via email and phone to get their problem solved in an decent way.

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So should you buy the Foscam E1? If you are planning to use it to keep an eye on your home when you are away and you do not have the time, willingness or expertise to set up a more complicated option, then sure, the E1 is probably one of the best & simple to use home-surveillance system, plus it’s also wireless!

Learn more about the Foscam E1 on the official website.

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