Vivo’s Face ID Tech has 300,000 Sensor Points, 10 Times that of the iPhone X

While Apple may have got the Face ID Tech right before any other phone maker, Vivo is not that far behind. Vivo’s new 3D depth sensing system comes armed with 300,000 sensor points, 10 times that of the iPhone X’s Face ID Tech.

The tech Vivo is using is commonly known as “structured light”. It works by sending out a pulse of light and calculates the “time of flight” (TOF) that the light takes to bounce back to the sensor. Vivo claims their tech allows 3D mapping upto 3 meters from the phone. While the primary use of the tech will be to improve Face detection and enable better security, it opens up quite a few possibilities. One idea envisioned by Vivo is to enable a full body scan that would allow for beautification from top to bottom. Another is to use the scan to try out different outfits virtually. Augmented reality is another one of the features that would be easily made available thanks to the improved tech.

Alex Feng, a senior executive at Vivo said, “By combining the TOF 3D Technology with AI, we will continue to explore new possibilities for a better future.” The possibilities with such a tech are quite wide. From boosting security to better portrait mode, the pectrum is quite wide. While other manufacturers have considered using structured light for their face unlock feature, Vivo would probably be the first one to implement it. And it does not seem very far when we would see a Vivo smartphone with a face ID tech that would rival that of the iPhone X. As you can see from the recently unveiled Vivo Nex, Vivo is not holding back.


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