Leaked teaser reveals unreleased ZTE Nubia Z18S, a dual-screen smartphone

ZTE’s future is uncertain, after the ban imposed by the US government, the Chinese company is prohibited from sourcing hardware, components and even software from the Uncle Sam’s country. Despite the fact, that both the US government and the manufacturers are negotiating a way to drop the ban that has forced ZTE to close its business, no decision has been made. In the middle of this sea of uncertainties, a new teaser leaked today revealing an unreleased smartphone from ZTE Nubia series, with two screens, one placed in the front, and the other on the rear, in the perfect “YotaPhone wannabe” style.

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This smartphone would be called ZTE Nubia Z18S and would not bring a selfie camera, in favor of a single dual-camera setup on the rear. The secondary rear display would come with a lower resolution and between the advantages of having it, the user could take selfies with the rear camera with the secondary display acting as orientation. The leaked teaser shows the secondary panel with an Analog Clock, HomeScreen with some applications, and a Photography preview.

Adding the secondary display would be perfect for those who love taking selfies, but also want a bezel-less view, after all, not everyone is dying in love with the notch. To be honest, there is huge criticism towards this new trend. However, don’t grow in expectations since there are also indications that this concept can just be a prototype and the Z18S could, in fact, sport a small circular notch in the front to place the selfie camera, just like the Essential Phone. At this moment, it is not possible to confirm if both devices are the same ZTE Nubia Z18S or different variants.

Of course, the ZTE Nubia Z18S would be one of the Nubia smartphones to feature the Snapdragon 845, putting this smartphone directly in the tough competition among flagship smartphones. If you recall, a list leaked in the end of 2017, revealing the smartphones that could feature the Snapdragon 845, and curiously, the Nubia Z18S was in that list.

Currently, is impossible to estimate if this smartphone will be launched, one time that ZTE is left without a source for its chipsets and component, and the Snapdragon 845 usage would be impossible due to the Qualcomm’s homeland ban. We just hope that both the US government and ZTE found a solution to this problem that forced the company to close its doors, leaving thousands unemployed.

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  1. Robbo5ooo
    July 2, 2018

    As a so called technology enthusiast, your knowledge is dreadful.
    This phone would not be called a ZTE anything. It will be a Nubia Z18S. Nubia is an independent company in it’s own right. ZTE sold it’s majority stake 2 years ago and now owns 49.9%. This means that Nubia is no longer a subsidiary company, so is not impacted by the ZTE restrictions.