AI Technology Frees People From Repetitive Mental Work

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Today Baidu Create AI developer conference was held at the Beijing National Convention Center. After the brief introduction, Li Yanhong, founder, chairman, and CEO of Baidu walked to the stage. He mentioned that AI technology can free people from repetitive, inefficient and heavy mental work. He also provides a lot of examples. Let’s dive into details.

Baidu AI

The first is an example of Baidu AI technology helping factories identify the floor.

The second is an example of Baidu technology application in the US retail industry. According to Li Yanhong, Baidu AI technology has been applied in more than 100 supermarkets in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

The third example is the application of AI technology in the medical field. Dr. Chen from Linzhi, Tibet, introduced in detail the use of custom image recognition technology to train project models for identifying parasitic eggs. According to Dr. Chen, the model can now identify more than a dozen parasite eggs with an accuracy rate of over 97%, which is equivalent to a doctor with more than 20 years of experience in medical practice. Dr. Chen also mentioned that the future target of the model is to identify more than 40 parasite eggs and to improve the recognition speed and accuracy. He told Li Yanhong that parasitic diseases are a global health and safety issue, and only the diagnosis is correct. The Tibet area is sparsely populated and lacks professional doctors. He hopes that this system will be laid out as soon as possible and will bring value.

“The demand for AI and machine learning is increasing rapidly, but the lack of infrastructure and technology know-how is preventing smaller businesses from adopting AI,” said Haifeng Wang, senior vice president and head of Baidu’s Artificial Intelligence Group. “By opening up our resources in algorithms, computing, and big data, Baidu is gradually breaking this barrier down to allow everyone to access AI in the most convenient and equitable way.”

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