Why There is No Dual-Card iPhone?

iPhone dual-card

We heard this year Apple will finally launch a dual-card dual-standby iPhone. Honestly, we have heard similar rumors long ago. And we have to state rumors from this category appear on the net every time when Apple is going to release a new set of iPhones. As for now, we know there will be three new models packed with 6.5-inch and 5.8-inch OLED screens, and a 6.1-inch LCD screen. And what we heard is that at least one of them will be a dual-card dual-standby phone. Most likely, the 6.5-inch and 6.1-inch models will be the first to come with such a card slot.

Though the Chinese and non-Chinese media prove the new iPhone will support a dual-card dual-standby option, there are real differences between those confirmations. The non-Chinese sources ascertain the iPhone will come with a combination of a physical card + Apple SIM (e-SIM), while the Chinese media is sure there will be a regular dual-physical card slot.

iPhone dual-card

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However, there are some problems related to the use of dual-card approach and Apple’s design philosophy. Even if canceling the headphone jack, Apple can’t use a physical SIM card. Compared to the first generation SIM card, the Nano-SIM card has a 40% reduction in volume and a 15% reduction in thickness. It seems that the slight change has also made enough room for the extremely dense motherboard to upgrade. But the Cupertino-based manufacturer doesn’t hurry to use any of the SIM cards. Probably, it thinks e-SIM is the future.

Seems, Apple will launch a physical card + Apple SIM card iPhone soon. But we are almost sure, once this happens, the Chinese version will be redesigned and come with a regular dual-card design. In history, Apple has specifically introduced a customized version of the iPhone for a certain country. It was the era of the iPhone 3GS. At that time, due to the limitation of the Chinese WiFi policy, Apple had to remove the WiFi module when the Chinese version was launched. As a result, the Chinese version of the iPhone 3GS was unable to use the WiFi function.

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There is another case in Singapore. When the iPhone 4s went public, the Singapore military ruled that insiders could not use camera equipment. However, Apple did not open a special channel, but the operators themselves removed the camera module from the iPhone 4s and provided it to the military.

Anyway, if Apple decides to add the second card slot to the new iPhone, it will boost the sales. On the one hand, it will simulate older users to choose iPhone as their new phone. On the other hand, it will attract new customers.

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    Will be ditching Android when that does happen. I need updates!