HTC Exodus Blockchain-Based Phone Coming this Fall

HTC Exodus, the Taiwanese phone maker’s blockchain based smartphone is all set to make an appearance in fall this year. The company made an official statement saying the Exodus will be “the first cold wallet phone with key recovery.”

The website for the phone is up and running and you can sign up for updates. Being a blockchain based smartphone, it might come with a plethora of features with respect to privacy, security and cryptocurrency. Some of its unique features include locally encrypting data on your device and storing it instead of using the loud, complete control over your cryptocurrency, decentralized application and the possibility of an app store.

The dying phone-maker has teamed up with the Cryptokitties developers and created an app that will help secure and take control of your data. The app will be made available to a few devices before HTC Exodus hits the market. While this may not be intriguing for every user, it is for some people who dabble excessively with decentralized apps, cryptocurrency and have a need for a high level of security for their data. Will this bring about a change in HTC’s status as a dying star? Only time will tell.


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