Honor grows at a frantic pace in India and Europe in first half of 2018

Huawei has been pushing its online-selling sub-brand across the globe aggressively and it seems the push is paying off handsomely. The subsidiary has reported a growth of 150 percent in the first six months of 2018. Honor has also become the fastest-growing smartphone brand in India with a record growth of 300 percent even toppling Xiaomi in the country. This is indeed a huge feat. Elsewhere, in Europe, Spain is where Honor is thriving the most with a huge 500 percent growth rate in the first half of this year. But that’s not all, the United Kingdom is also fast becoming a hub for Honor devices with the company having expanded 200 percent in the same six months.

However, things are only beginning for the Huawei subsidiary as the brand has planned an even more aggressive push to new countries. The brand already has expanded to a total of nine countries this year – Egypt, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Pakistan, Colombia, and the Philippines. Perhaps the poster child of Honor’s success story is the Honor 10, its latest flagship, that has not only sold well domestically but has surpassed three million units in global sales. From that number, 1/3rd or 1 million is from the domestic Chinese market

Honor has aspirations of becoming the third largest smartphone vendor in the world within another ten years. This is a position currently held by its parent, Huawei which wants to be the number one smartphone maker in the near future. Honor’s top executives maintain that even though they are under Huawei’s wing, they operate with their own strategies and targets. A rosy second half awaits the online phone seller as it lines up the next dozen devices for the people of Europe and the West.

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