Apple Pay Cash Showcased in New Ads

Even if their phones might, Apple’s ads never disappoint. They are quirky, relatable and get the message across. Under the series, “Just text them the money”, Apple’s posted 4 ads on their Youtube account. Apple Pay Cash was developed in collaboration with Greendot Bank. Apple Pay Cash is Apple’s native money transfer method. It works with the iMessage app, another of Apple’s native applications. Apple Pay Cash allows you to send money over iMessage and the receiver gets the money credited in their Apple Pay account.

It allows you to have P2P (Peer-to-peer) money transfers without any fees. Apparently, the fine print does say that there will be a charge of 3% of the transaction, if you are using  credit card or the receiver is outside the US. Nothing ever comes for free! Note that Apple Pay Cash does not work with all prepaid cards. Check out the ads below!


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