Lenovo Recalls Over 150,000 Laptop Batteries In China Due To Security Risks

On July 14th, Lenovo announced on its official website that it is recalling the lithium-ion batteries for some Lenovo notebook computers from December 2012 to November 2014 in mainland China from August 31, 2018. A total of 153,219 units are involved. Lenovo said that in the long-term use of the laptop batteries, internal short-circuiting may occur in the battery, which may cause an explosion and poses a security risk.

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From August 31, 2018, users can log in to the Lenovo official website to verify whether the laptop battery they are using is within the scope of this recall, or call the Lenovo service phone for verification by Lenovo Service Center. If the battery is confirmed to be within the scope of this recall, the user should immediately shut down the system, remove the battery, and use the AC power adapter to supply power to the notebook. At the same time, after the verification is completed, submit the free battery application and Lenovo will provide a free replacement of the battery.

The models involved in this recall include:

Lenovo G700, G710, G400, G4030, G405, G4070, G410, G480, G485, G500, G5030, G505, G5070, G510, G580, G585, G400S, G500S, G405S, G505S, G5045, G4045, G7080, G5080, G4080 , G7070, G7035, N580, N581, N585, N586, P580, P585, S410P, S510P, S500, Y410P, Y510P, Y485, Y485P, Z4070, Z5070, E49, Flex-14, Flex-15, Flex2-14, Flex2 -15;

ThinkPad E445, E545, E430, E430C, E435, E530, E530C, E535, E431, E440, E531, E540, L440, L540.

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