Pixel users are reporting an annoying problem with Google Search widget

The second generation of Google Pixels will be stored in the memory of smartphone enthusiasts, not for the quality of the handsets, but due to the several issues caused by both software and hardware. Although Pixel’s community has experienced an era of peace and calm in the recent days, a new issue is agitating Reddit.

The new problem seems to affect all Pixel models and it involves the Google search bar on the handset homes screen. According to reports, the bar won’t list users’ past search histories or make recommendations when one or two letters are tipped in the search bar. This nasty issue doesn’t go away with a simple reboot, but some Pixel 2 XL found a possible workaround for using the widget.

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Worth noting that this is just a workaround and probably won’t work for every Pixel device, but according to some Pixel 2 XL owners, after enabling Google Feed inside the Pixel launcher, the suggestions appeared on the search bar once again. While some people simply love to see the Google feed embedded on the home screen, some prefer a more simplistic approach, of course enabling Google feed will be a small price to pay to get the recommendations back.

This bug is currently found on Pixel handsets powered by Android 8.1 Oreo and Android P Developer Preview. We just hope that Google provides a quick fix for this small, but annoying problem.

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