The iPhone X Temptation is the new biblical-based Caviar custom iPhone

If you have been following the world of custom Apple smartphones, Caviar isn’t a new face for you. The company is well known for doing custom luxury based models of Apple handsets and other devices from different companies. The company already made a solar-powered iPhone X and also an extremely expensive version of the same handset. Now the company is going even deeper with a biblical version of the notched device that recreates the story of the Garden of Eden.

Caviar has developed four models of the iPhone X Temptation, three models are related to the characters involved in the history – Adam, Even and the Serpent – The fourth and last model is a painted depiction of the scene, more specifically, it recreates the 16th century Adam and Even painting made by Lucas Cranach the Elder.

The serpent model is represented by a snake leather material. Adam’s Temptation iPhone X is made by the combination of Black Onyx, Leather and Gold coating with a scale pattern to mix all the details. Last, but not least, the Eve model is depicted with a stunning and exotic white leather with diamonds covering the pattern. Worth noting that in all four models, the rear Apple logo is made of pure Gold.

Now it’s time to talk about the price of these luxury smartphones, so take a deep breath before proceeding. If you’re interested in Adam or Serpent model, you’ll need to spend  $3,940, while for the Even model with the Diamonds you’ll need $4,180. The Adam and Even painting edition is the cheaper unit being priced at $3,850. Worth mentioning, that those prices are for the 64GB iPhone X, if you’re interested in the 256GB variant you’ll need to earn additional $240.

Are you feeling tempted enough to buy this custom Caviar iPhone X?

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