Huawei’s New Tech “CPU Turbo” Comes With Honor Note 10

Chinese manufacturing giant, Huawei, has been unleashing some innovative tech in the smartphone industry. Earlier, it announced its “scary technology” GPU Turbo with Honor Play 7 which it claims improves GPU performance by 60% and power consumption is reduced by 30%. Although this tech has not been tested by other OEMs, it appears that early reviews are impressive. Now, Huawei has unveiled “CPU Turbo” with the Honor Note 10. In addition to the flagship configuration, Honor Note 10 also brings a so-called “scary technology” – CPU Turbo, which is another new technology after GPU Turbo technology.

According to the official introduction, the CPU Turbo technology of Honor Note 10 can stimulate the ultimate performance of the CPU. In the Crash 3 game, Honor Note 10 has an average frame rate of 59.74 and a jittering rate of 0.64%. The average frame rate of Xiaomi Mi 8 is 55.55% while the jittering rate is 8.33%. OPPO Find X has a frame rate of  58.69%, and the jitter rate is 3.44%. In addition to the CPU Turbo, Honor Note 10 comes pre-installed with GPU Turbo technology, which is a soft and hard graphics acceleration technology that can greatly improve the graphics processing efficiency of the GPU.

It has opened up the graphics processing efficiency between the EMUI operating system, CPU, and GPU. More importantly, GPU Turbo technology has greatly improved the GPU performance while reducing the power consumption of the mobile phone.

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