You can already pre-order the Galaxy Note 9

South Korean electronics giant already opened its season of launch with the unveiling of the Galaxy Tab S4 and the Kid friendly Tab A 10 a few hours ago. Though the company undoubtedly would keep some surprises for the upcoming IFA conference, the most anticipated launch at present is its August 9  launch event that is expected to be the launchpad for the long-rumored Galaxy Note 9.

However, the device won’t hit the shelves until August 24th when itis expected to start shipping to those who pre-ordered the device. And while the device will immediately open for pre-order shortly after launch in some regions, the U.S arm of the company has today started receiving reservations for the Galaxy Note 9 so you can ensure you get a unit right on time.

To afford you an early access to pre-order the device and ensures you receive the device on August 24th, Samsung is requiring users to submit their name, email, and carrier model (or unlocked) via its website and an app on Google Play which you can download free of charge.  Though there is currently no official information on the Galaxy Note 9 pricing, Samsung says you stand the chance of saving up to $450 by trading in your older Samsung, Apple, Google and LG phones.

Galaxy Note 9 pre-order

We have it on record that the Galaxy Note 9 won’t come with any remarkable change in design compared to the Galaxy Note 8, at least when viewed from the front, however, the camera and fingerprint orientation would reportedly get re-aligned. A whole lot more details have been revealed about the device and more are still coming in, but Samsung will is expected to officially reveal what it got for us in a couple of days from now in the NewYork.

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