CleanRobot Vacuum Cleaner for Just 18.31€ on Cafago (Coupon)

CleanRobot Vacuum Cleaner

Are you tired of sweeping the floor every other day? Then you only really have two way outs: hire somebody to clean it for you or, the geek way, buy a brand new robot vacuum cleaner. What’s really nice though is that now you’re able to get one for as low as 18.31€ over on Cafago thanks to the coupon they’ve kindly provided us with.

The CleanRobot vacuum cleaner is obviously something different from the over $200 robots you find online, yet it packs some functionalities that make it an interesting options for those on a super tight budget. This vacuum cleaner does indeed come with a dual filter screen, which helps purifying air and preventing secondary pollution and it has an advanced motor to significantly reduce vacuuming noise.

It then sports a large built-in battery, so that it can be used repeatedly on a single charge. It’s able to clean the places underneath furniture, sofas and other areas that are hard to reach, creating a clean and comfortable home.

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CleanRobot Vacuum Cleaner

The mini size with high efficiency allows it to reach up to 99.7% of area cleaning, thanks to the magic wheel and microcomputer control that automatically change its direction when encountering obstacle.

So, basically this is a super affordable way to clean up the dust in your home without breaking the bank.

You can get the CleanRobot vacuum cleaner for just 18.31€ on Cafago using the coupon code RS2725. Coupon expires on September 30th.

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