Video : Rugged 10000 mAh OUKITEL WP2 power consumption test


When talking about phone’s endurance and longevity there are two possible aspects you can be talking about. First it can mean the battery endurance, which is affected by the capacity, chipset power, display brightness and so on, or the actual sturdiness of the phone in your daily usage. That’s why the rugged phones with big batteries are so popular, because they are killing two birds with one stone. And one of the poster kids of such approach will be the upcoming OUKITEL WP2.

And today we have for you a power consumption test video for this phone coming from the OUKITEL test labs and the results are pretty impressive indeed. The tests in various categories lasted with full display brightness and maximum volume for 8 hours and 45 minutes. And the WP2 still managed to end with 41% of battery left. You can find the full info in the video and the chart below, but one small detail has to be said about the torchlight. OUKITEL specifically designed it with 4 LED lights combined for low consumption and despite the strong light it can provide more than 75 hours of service.

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Item Time Power % state Power Used Total Time Support
1080P video 1 hour 45 minutes 100%-91% 9% 16.5 hours
Torch flash light 1 hour 30 minutes 91%-89% 2% 75 hours
Online Music 1 hour 89%-83% 6% 16.5 hours
Online Voice Call 1 hour 83%-76% 7% 14.3 hours
Online E-book reading 1 hour 30 minutes 76%-65% 11% 13.5 hours
Online Video Call 1 hour 65%-52% 13% 7.6 hours
 Mobile Game 1 hour 52%-41% 11% 9.1 hours
Total 8 hours 45 minutes 41% left 59% used

OUKITEL WP2 is aiming to be the massive battery rugged flagship model of the brand and the presales will be already starting soon during September with the official price set at $259.99. But knowing the usual presale shenanigans, there will be surely a discount or two lurking around the corner for the debut of the phone. You can also still subscribe on the official OUKITEL website for a chance of winning one for free and of course all the discount info in time for your mailbox.

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