Xiaomi LOOCK Smart Lock Q2 Released at 2999 Yuan

Xiaomi LOOCK Smart Lock Q2

After launching the first smart lock in the Xiaomi ecological chain, LOOCK once again joined forces with Xiaomi to launch the follow-up to the original model. The Xiaomi LOOCK Smart Lock Q2 is a high-end door lock that comes with improved features and the look. However, the main changes refer to two features – ‘automatic arming from home’ and ‘family reminder.’

However, let’s see what these features of the Xiaomi LOOCK Smart Lock Q2 mean. When the user goes out, the door lock can be set to ‘Automatic Arming Mode.’ So the camera will automatically record and upload videos to protect the home security. When the user goes home, the camera will automatically turn off to protect the privacy from being violated. When the lock is opened via the fingerprint method, the ‘main’ user can receive relevant prompts through the Mijia APP, without worrying about whether the child and parents are safely at home.

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When the door lock is shaken, or the password is continuously inputted incorrectly 5 times, or the fingerprint input error is 15 times, the Xiaomi LOOCK Smart Lock Q2 not only has a high-pitched alarm but also can push notifications through the Mijia APP. In addition, users can remotely view the child lock switch, the lock status, and the mechanical key unlock, and prevent the trailing and the home mode linkage through the Mijia APP.

In terms of design, the Xiaomi LOOCK Smart Lock Q2 inherits the design of the Touch Concentric Circle Breathing Light. The fingerprint head, the handle cover, the handle base, and the breathing lamp are layered around the same center of the circle. The button lights of the Q2 can be controlled separately. This means that when the user unlocks with a password, not only the button sound can be heard, but also the flashing of the number can be reduced, lowering the chance of pressing the wrong button.

The Xiaomi LOOCK Smart Lock Q2 has undergone 80 hours of acid salt spray experiments and 240 hours of salt spray experiments, far exceeding industry and national standards. Even when used in coastal areas, the appearance will never oxidize.

The Xiaomi LOOCK Smart Lock Q2 is priced at 2999 yuan ($439).

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