Galaxy S10 to use Qualcomm’s third-gen ultrasonic fingerprint readers

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According to previous reports, Samsung’s new flagship mobile phone Galaxy S10 will be equipped with ultrasonic screen fingerprint technology. According to the Korean media ETNews, this phone will be launched with Qualcomm’s third-generation ultrasonic screen fingerprint reader.

According to reports, Qualcomm’s third-generation ultrasonic sensor will become an important selling point for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10, because this is the first time the sensor has been embedded in such high-end mobile phones and mass-produced. Qualcomm’s first generation of ultrasonic sensors was introduced in 2015, and the second generation was unveiled in June 2017. The third generation of the sensor is the latest, and finally meets the requirements of Samsung.

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It is reported that Qualcomm’s second-generation sensor can work accurately through glass with a thickness of 800 microns (0.8 mm), while the first generation is 300 microns (0.3 mm). This sensor may be manufactured by GIS in Taiwan and O-film Tech in China.

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The ultrasonic fingerprint reader will be able to connect to the back of the display panel. In contrast, optical fingerprint readers require a transparent screen, so Samsung believes that they are susceptible to external influences (such as lighting conditions, etc.) and can affect the image quality of the display. In addition, the ultrasonic fingerprint reader can capture the 3D image of the ridge structure and pores of the fingertip with higher precision.

It is worth to mention that Samsung will reportedly release three variants of its next iteration of the Galaxy S series – the Galaxy S10, and there is a possibility of Samsung adopting the in-display fingerprint sensor for all three variants.

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