You’ll be able to wirelessly charge Huawei’s new earbuds with a Mate 20

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei wants to present its new flagship smartphones Mate 20 series on October 16. In addition to the new phones, a new version of the wireless Huawei freebuds also will find its way to the market – the Huawei Freebuds 2 Pro, which can even be wirelessly charged with a smartphone when needed, and look very much like Apple wireless earbuds.

The Huawei Freebuds 2 Pro are especially worth mentioning because they should also be used in combination with the Huawei Mate 20 or Mate 20 Pro to interact with KI-based speech recognition. The headphones also serve as a headset and they are connected via Bluetooth 5.0 with the smartphone. They are in a portable case, which also works as a charging dock.

When it comes to features, the new FreeBuds 2 Pro integrate support for the Hi-Res Wireless Audio protocol, allowing for a significantly improved audio experience. Also, the accessory can act as a headset and can also be used to communicate with the Google Assistant whenever connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. This will be helped by the improved voice recognition that comes with the new bone sensor – the earphones can actively distinguish the user’s voice via bone conduction.

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The case can also charge via USB-C port or via Qi charging, in addition, the case can also be recharged by placing it on the rear of the Mate 20 or Mate 20 Pro, the case battery time should be up to 20 more hours.

The case and the headphones takes about two hours of charging time by cable to be fully charged, while it takes around three hours via wireless charging.


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Each of the two wireless Freebud 2 Pro is 4.1 grams in weight. They are each 43 millimeters long and 18.6 millimeters wide. In standby mode, the headphones last up to 15 hours without charging. They also have noise reduction for ambient. The price of the new Huawei Freebuds 2 Pro is probably around 175$ to 190$.

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