Bug hits new Apple Watch Series 4 users in Austrailia

Apple watch

Recent reports suggest that Apple Watch Series 4¬†Infograph¬†modular face has a bug that is not interesting.¬†According to the reports, Australian users have experienced a change in daylight saving time which cause the watch to be stuck in a restart cycle.¬†The Apple Watch Series 4’s new Infograph faces can accommodate up to eight complex functions, but there is a one-hour gap in time which it does not capture, causing the entire device to crash and restart.¬†

The fitness record function on the Infograph face draws a timeline of the current day to show the hourly data of the user’s current calories, exercise minutes and standing time.¬†Although the exact problem has not yet been diagnosed, it seems that the restart cycle of the Apple Watch Series 4 is mainly due to the fact that the device cannot draw a 24-hour timeline graph.¬†

As long as the¬†Infograph face of the Apple Watch Series 4 has a fitness record, the watch will restart repeatedly.¬†Whenever the device starts up, it tries to load a complex, failed, restarted program again, which becomes an endless loop.¬†This situation will continue until the watch’s¬†battery is dead.¬†

The current expectation is that when the date goes to tomorrow, the watch will resume its normal workability.¬†As a workaround, some people have successfully deleted the¬†Infograph¬†modular face using the paired iPhone.¬†Before Apple provides specific steps, we recommend placing the watch aside.¬†Don’t bother putting it back on the charger as it will continue to drain the battery and restart.¬†Placing the watch on the charger to maintain this restart may not be beneficial to the long-term health of the battery.¬†

At present, it seems that the problem of this infinite restart seems to be limited to the Infograph modular face. Clearly, Apple needs to release a bug fix software update to prevent this from happening again.

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