Pixel 3 XL gets treated rougly by JerrryRigEverything; passes with scratch marks

Pixel 3

Recently this month in New York, Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL were showcased as Google’s newest flagship phones. Both phones are designed with top notch specifications and sleek appearance. The Pixel 3 XL put through some hard physical tests regarding its durability and sustainability by JerryRigEverything on YouTube. The tests were simply in the state of scratch, burn, and bend.

The YouTuber put the Pixel 3 Xl through some rigorous tests to find its physical endurance. As manifested in the video, Zack Nelson (from JerryRigEverything) does a scratch test on the phone with the help of Mohs scale to determine the toughness of the front glass panel of the Pixel 3 XL which is manufactured with Gorilla Glass 5 by Google. Some light scratches appear to be on 6th level and while other deep scratches happens to be on 7th level. Normally every other flagship phones resist the scratch test up to 6th level of hardness.

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The video also shows some scratch tests done on the back end of the Pixel 3 XL and surprisingly it picked some more scratches but it does not affect the phone that much as Pixel 3 XL is equipped with a frosted glass layer. Furthermore, the aluminium edges are encompassed with plastic-like coating and can be peeled off by some effort. On top of that, the video claims that the fingerprint sensor’s works completely smooth even if it had few scratches on it.

Coming to the fire test, The Google Pixel XL 3 sustained a direct flame for about 30 secs due to which the pixels stopped functioning completely but restarted shortly afterwards. Usually, smartphones carrying a glass-metal-glass sandwich gets broken under this pressure but unexpectedly the Pixel 3 XL withstood the bend test. The YouTuber gave the green signal that phone has been designed well and the fact that it passed each test.

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