Lenovo adds Google Home Hub features on Smart Displays

Smart Display

Lenovo has just announced that a major update is now being rolled to its Smart Displays. The update will be released in batches, so while it can arrive instantly for your device, some units may also take several days to receive the update.

With this new update, Lenovo will be adding some features from Google Home Hub to its devices. If you’re interested in these features, make sure that your Lenovo Smart Display is running the 3.63.43 version of the software. All the features introduced by this new update, have been announced during Lenovo’s Made by Google event.

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The new software build will allow users to control media and entertainment devices like TVs, Speakers and Smart Remotes. It also includes Home View, which basically allows the user to see and control all smart home devices in a single dashboard. The Multi-Room Audio feature will also be included, allowing users to add the Smart Display to a speaker group and play music throughout the house.

Last but not least, the company included Live Albums from Google and Nest Hello Doorbell. With Live Albums, the Ambient Display mode will keep showing your favorite photos from people or animals. Nest Hello Doorbell, will show who’s at the door when someone rings, and allow you to send quick replies.

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