Apple will fix the front camera of iPhone XS and XS Max with the iOS 12.1 update

During the past weeks, a number of reports have surfaced from iPhone XS and XS Max owners. These complaints are related with a front-camera issue that makes the sensor unable of taking enough details when capturing selfies.

While Apple states that they don’t use beautification filters with their camera, it’s no secret that the front-camera is smoothening the skin a little on the newer iPhone models, especially during environments with intense light. Thankfully, the company promises a fix with the upcoming public release of iOS 12.1 update.

iPhone XS

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According to an Apple spokesperson, the problem is related to the Smart HDR function. Instead of selecting the frame with a short shutter speed that has captured more details, the software puts one with longer exposure resulting in a less detail and slightly blurry picture due to the lack of OIS.

The American smartphone maker promises to fix this issue with the upcoming public release of iOS 12.1. With the new update, the camera app will choose the image that is richer in details as the primary picture. While iOS 12.1 still is in Beta stage, we can’t affirm when this fix will come, but the company could use the iPhone XR release or the October 30th iPad event for releasing the final stable version of its Operating System.

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  1. SkidMark007
    October 24, 2018

    Oh, I thought you guys were talking about BeautyGate or what I affectionately call TomatoFace SelfieRama! Lots of people are complaining that the new XS/XS Max are making white people look reddish like a BIG TOMATO…so thus, TomatoFace Rama Slama Gate. So it looks like Apple has more than one selfie issue with there latest greatest phone!