Snapdragon 675 officially announced for mid-range smartphones

The Qualcomm group announces the arrival of a new SoC SnapDragon 675 for mid-range smartphones that will respond to the latest trends in gaming and mobile photography alongside with the presence of artificial intelligence.

Trends have been growing in recent quarters in smartphones, focusing more often on photographic qualities through the proliferation of sensors in the devices, and on the fun aspects, all driven by the capabilities of an embedded artificial intelligence. able to adapt the behavior of the smartphone according to the uses.

The Qualcomm group, a specialist in mobile chips, is renewing its range of mid-range mobile platforms by introducing the SnapDragon SoC 675, the evolution of the Snapdragon 670, which wants to take advantage of these current interests.

The platform is based on an octocore CPU configuration engraved at 11 nm FinFET, with 6th generation Adreno GPU to meet the fun needs. Optimizations have been made to make the smartphone gaming experience even more enjoyable by working on the ability to maintain frame rate while maintaining good connectivity and audio quality.

To achieve this, the SoC SnapDragon 675 integrates optimization tools and has been adapted to work best with the various game engines on the market (Unreal Engine 4, Unity, Messiah, NeoX …), while using Vulkan APIs and providing OpenGL 3.2 support.

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Qualcomm promises an improved game launch time of 30% over SnapDragon 670 or 35% for web browsing. Smartphones under SnapDragon 675 will be able to support configurations with three photo sensors , with optical zoom up to X5. We will find the possibility of offering wide angle/wide angle and zoom modules on mid-range smartphones, or create bokeh and HDR effects for a more natural rendering thanks to multiple intermediate treatments.

The platform will also be able to offer depth-of-field measurements on the rear photo sensors and also for portraits on the advanced Face Unlock, while it will be possible to perform 480-fps slo-mo HD (without time limit) in addition to video capture in 4K.

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Qualcomm does not forget to integrate artificial intelligence into its platform to assist the user in the photo settings or adapt the behavior of the smartphone according to his habits or depending on the applications used.

There is no dedicated NPU chip here but a combined operation of the CPU, GPU and data processing chips to generate the AI ​​processing. Finally, let’s add support for audio enhancement technologies AptX (for Bluetooth sound) and Aqstic for integrating digital assistants (Alexa, Google Assistant …) with enhanced voice recognition capabilities, as well as fast Quick Charging support 4+.

The first smartphones with the new SnapDragon 675 SoC are expected in the first quarter of 2019 .

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