Huawei released a plethora of smart home devices at the Mate 20 series conference in Shanghai


Chinese manufacturing giant, Huawei, held a huge press conference in Shanghai today. The company released its recent flagship, Mate 20 series in China. However, Huawei also had a plethora of smart home products for us. While the Mate 20 series stole the show, these devices added icing to the cake.

Huawei released a plethora of smart home devicesHuawei Intelligent Reading Table Lamp

This is a portable smart reading lamp. It comes with an average AA lighting and it is compatible with smart control.

Huawei released a plethora of smart home devicesHuawei Sleeping Lamp

There is a conspicuous difference between a sleeping lamp and a sleeping lamp. This new product is an aromatherapy sleep light. It provides a water lily-like lighting for aromatherapy humidification. This gives a colorful atmosphere which aids sleep.

Huawei Smart Bulb

The company also released a set of smart bulbs. These are full-colour light bulbs with standard heat-dissipation. It has 16 million true colours and 17 kinds of play modes. All these can be controlled smartly.

Huawei Smart Wireless Projector Screen

This is a high-definition wireless projector display from Huawei. All you need to do is plug and play. It has an HDMI interface and it comes with a 229 Yuan ($33) price tag.

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Huawei Smart Door Lock

Just like we have seen from Xiaomi, Huawei has its own smart door lock. This door uses a 360° fingerprint recognition module and can recognize any part of the finger. It is also compatible with other opening methods. It comes with a 2299 Yuan ($331) price tag.

Huawei released a plethora of smart home devicesHuawei Smart AI Panoramic Camera

This is a 360-degree panoramic camera coming from Huawei. It supports 1080P HD images and has a 10 meters infrared night vision. It comes with a 229 Yuan ($31) price tag.

Huawei Smart Air Purifier

This air purifier can clean up 500 cubic meters in an hour when dealing with particulate matter. While handling formaldehyde, it cleans 200 cubic meters per hour. It comes with a professional-grade deep ultraviolet sterilization and a high-energy negative ion oxygen bar. This product comes with a 1299 Yuan ($187).

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Huawei Smart Home Package

In the smart home package, Huawei included a variety of products. These include a multi-function gateway, a human body sensor, and door/window sensor. In addition, we also have a temperature/humidity sensor. This comes with a 429 Yuan ($62) price tag.

In addition, Huawei said that smart selection is synonymous with “the choice of life and wisdom”. However, the selection choice is absolutely yours. Huawei’s products are built based on HiLink Internet of Things (IoT) and AI technology.

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