Xiaomi trolls OnePlus 6T with a calculator giveaway; puts Poco F1 price on the table

Xiaomi redefined the “trolling” ways with a very creative idea. During the OnePlus 6T launch in New Delhi, India, the company decided to giveaway calculators for the people lining for the OnePlus 6T release. People who received the calculator had to “Do the Math” to see how much Poco F1 is cheaper when compared to the OnePlus flagship.

The Apple of China continued his trolling campaign on Twitter, making fun of OnePlus slogan “NeverSettle” and explaining that with Poco F1 you can get the same processor, RAM, more Battery, and a Headphone Jack, all them in separated posts, for INR20,999 (~$285) rather than INR37,999 (~$517).

The company really looks funny and all, but Xiaomi omitted some important differences between the two devices. In a serious way, they can’t be compared. Poco F1 has a simple LCD IPS Panel, OnePlus has an AMOLED display. Poco F1 has a huge notch, while the OP6T arrives with a less intrusive teardrop notch. Poco F1 has a plastic build, OP6T mixes aluminum and glass. And at last, the Poco F1 comes with a standard rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, while the OnePlus 6T has a brand new in-display sensor.

What remains to be seen is if the OnePlus will take this fun to the heart and will prepare a response to Xiaomi’s Poco.

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