Lei Jun: AI+IoT is the future of the industry

Today, the 5th World Internet Conference took place in Wuzhen, China. Xiaomi’s Artificial intelligence (AI) open platform for smart homes was selected as “the world’s leading Internet technology”. Lei Jun, founder, chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi Group said that “AI+IoT” is the future of the market and one of Xiaomi’s core strategies. “Today’s artificial intelligence + IoT (Internet of Things) technology has been widely used, from TV to small light bulbs, alarm clocks, and many other gadgets can be controlled with AI.”

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According to reports, Xiaomi Artificial Intelligence Open Platform is an open innovation platform that provides intelligent scenarios, software, and hardware services for users. According to Xiaomi’s second-quarter earnings report, Xiaomi has invested or hatched more than 220 eco-chain companies, 100 of which focus on developing intelligent hardware and consumer goods. The Xiaomi artificial intelligence open platform has connected more than 115 million IoT smart devices and built the global largest consumer-grade IoT platform. Lei Jun said that in the past two years, Xiaomi has made a great investment in artificial intelligence. Now, the company has a technical team of more than 1,000 employees with specialization in cloud services, acoustics, speech, natural language processing, computer vision, deep learning, data processing, and other areas.

Lei Jun pointed out that Xiaomi had already laid out the ecological chain as early as 5 years ago. Its artificial intelligence layout can be better integrated into the life of ordinary people. Today, AI has begun to fully empower Xiaomi, and there have been AI photos on Xiaomi mobile phones. AI technology innovation such as blurring, scene recognition, and Xiao Ai also support the development of smart gadgets. Lei Jun said that the future Xiaomi artificial intelligence open platform will more closely connect enterprises and consumers to reduce the threshold for enterprises to enter the smart home industry and drive the continuous transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

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