Pocophone F1 now officially available on Amazon UK

Xiaomi’s Pocophone F1 is now showing up on Amazon UK just before its official release in the country which is tomorrow on November 7th. There are also indications that Xiaomi might also launch the phone in the US as the company is holding an event on December 8th and we might see the handset coming on Amazon US too.

Xiaomi made the news public via the official Pocophone Twitter account. Previously the phone could be bought at low prices if one decided to buy it from any third party stores.
For the unaware, The Pocophone F1 comes with a 6.18-inch FHD display and is powered by Snapdragon 845. The new phone will be available in two variants 6GB RAM +128GB in-built memory and other will be of 8GB RAM + 256GB memory. The phone boasts a dual rear camera of 12 MP+12MP and at front it carries a 20MP selfie shooter. The device is fueled up by a massive 4000mAh battery which is assisted by a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. On top of that the phone also supports IR face unlock feature.

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Speaking of its connectivity, surprisingly the Pocophone F1 will support important Band 20 for UK which, in other words, gives full 4G coverage throughout the country. Sadly for US fans, the Pocophone F1 is not officially compatible with Verizon or Sprint and AT&T 4G users. However, for UK users, the good news is that they can grab the phone at reasonable prices from 3rd party stores.

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Pocophone F1 on Amazon UK

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  1. SkidMark007
    November 7, 2018

    The Pocophone is a competitor to the MiA2, Mi8, Mix2S and Mix3. The Pocophone will not become available in the USA by Xiaomi officially, without adding AT&T and TMobile 4G bands, which includes B2, B4, B12, B13, B17, B34, and B39. Nobody wants to be stuck on G3 or worse old G2 mobile. It would be great if they did bring it to the USA, but it will eat into the profits of there toptier models.

    • rumpeltizkin
      November 11, 2018

      Well, I guess you don’t know people needs then. I have a totally capable 4G phone but I have it working 3G and 2G only, because 3G is more than enough speed for the tasks I do plus it does not eat that much battery, and of course the coverage is way better. The question would be, why a person would need to use 4G? for watching damn 2160p streaming videos in their huge detailed screens? to upload their “I don’t want to see your face” videos in full quality? tell me the reason nobody wants to use 3G.

    • ChaosMaker
      November 11, 2018

      Your phone automatically uses the fast connection possible, unless you live in 3rd world country. 4G is what I expect when I use my OnePlus 6, and its definately noticable when it takes a minute to get directions, using 3G service. Not sure what your talking about, but you sound like a “old man” that is out of touch. My house is completely optically wired, using a T3 connection on a 5G modem. For myself, my wife and 3 teenagers, nothing less will do for working, streaming or gaming. 3G or 2G? Get real nob, you dont know what your talking about!

    • EfeUdin
      November 12, 2018

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