Robotic vacuum cleaner iLIFE A7 discounted on Amazon


Robotic vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more common in our households and we are gladly leaving them the house cleaning chores. Of course one of the main reasons is the constantly falling price of these gadgets, because not that long ago the models were going for more than $1000. That’s a historical mark though and today you can very advanced robots for a fraction of such price, just like the iLIFE A7.

iLIFE A7 is a robotic vacuum cleaner equipped with the Gen 3 CyclonePower Cleaning system, which provides maximum suction with deep and thorough cleaning. The floating rubber roller and brush roller are interchangeable so you will do just fine on hard floors as on carpets. Because of the smart LCD display the operation are much easier and the app remote control just adds to the comfort of the controls. And with multiple cleaning mods, ultra thin design and large 0.6L dustbin you can really leave all the cleaning chores to the robot without any worries.

You can currently grab the iLIFE A7 robotic vacuum cleaner for just $199.99, because there is an extra $30 coupon available cutting the price from the retail level of $229.99. So just check the Amazon product webpage and claim it, it’s valid until November 30th. And if you would be interested in more iLIFE products, then just head to their official website and browse through it a bit.

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