AT&T: Do not expect much from 5G network – Its not perfect

The United States and South Korea have already completed the modalities for 5G network commercialization in 2019. Since all smartphones will target to support this new network, terminal manufacturers are working together. However, one of the big players to dish out this network, AT&T is trying to prepare our minds for what to expect.

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For 5G phones, we should not expect too much, the US carrier said. The company further stressed that it is very optimistic about the long-term income prospects of 5G network services, but at the moment this network is not very familiar, even after it is commercialized. In addition, AT&T also believes that 5G devices may not pull the desired strings for a while. It believes that because the network will be insufficient at the early stage, it will not generally bring a good 5G network experience.

While mobile operators are already deploying 5G networks, smartphone manufacturers must ensure that their devices provide a reliable 5G connectivity. In addition, OEMs must ensure that the 5G is not a battery killer. Furthermore, it is unlikely that manufacturers will launch 5G devices on a large scale before mobile operators expand their coverage of 5G networks. Generally, the latter should take place before the former.

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  1. Freeje238
    November 16, 2018

    It simply means they rushed the technology just to say they’re first but it is still crappy.