Xiaomi Milk Steamer Announced at 299 Yuan ($43)

Xiaomi Mi;l Steamer

Xiaomi continues making kitchen products that not only make its assortment enlarge but also help the company in entering various niches. In the future, if it is not so now, this brand will be on everyone’s lips. As for today, the manufacturer launched the Xiaomi Milk Steamer, which is capable of quickly making a milk foam with a single key press. At the same time, it is priced at 299 yuan ($43) only.

Of course, it’s not made by Xiaomi itself. Instead, it is a third-party product, designed and made by Ningbo Xinxiang Technology Co., Ltd. Moreover, the manufacturer also provides an after-sales support, and customers can return it to the manufacturer within 7 days even for no reason.

Its main features are the one-click magnetic spin milking, hot milk function, separate cup body, and pull cup mouth design. The base is equipped with a DC motor with a maximum speed of 5,500rpm. In the process, the magnetic structure of the motor head drives the magnetic suspension component with magnetic force in the cup to rotate, which quickly produces fine milk foam.

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The Xiaomi Milk Steamer supports three modes: normal temperature milk foam, hot milk foam, and hot milk. Among them, the machine uses the speed switching to achieve rapid and uniform heating when making hot milk. So no need to replace the magnetic suspension component. The maximum milk volume is 150ml when milking, and the maximum milk volume is 250ml when making hot milk.

The milk cup of the Xiaomi Milk Steamer is made of 316 stainless steel. After the milk foam making is finished, it is convenient to directly pour the milk foam as the flow rate is freely retractable.

In addition, the base cup body is designed separately. All electronic components and heating devices are designed on the base, and the cup can be directly put into the sink for washing.

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  1. Nicolas
    November 18, 2018

    Want it !

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      November 18, 2018

      Eat it smell it.