Alleged Vivo NEX 2 with dual displays surface in a leaked unboxing video

Vivo Nex 2

A new mystery phone appeared in a couple of leaked images earlier this week, and while we had no definite info on which brand made the device, speculators had it that it could be the Vivo NEX 2.

Although we are still not sure what the device could be, a freshly leaked unboxing video might have revealed more details about the device. What’s confusing, though, is that the device as revealed via the imaes and the video does not appear to have a Pop up camera set up which is the major feature of the Vivo NEX,  With that in mind, this could be a phone from another brand, a new Vivo phone, and not necesarily the Vivo NEX 2.

But for the sake of speculations, we might have to stick to theVivo NEX 2 as earlier reported. Now, back to the leaked unboxing video, three unique design features are prominent, and in my opinion are enough to replace the Vivo Nex pop up camera.

In the leaked unboxng video, one can notice a fairly large circular Ring with a glowing light. The Lunar Ring as it is called appears to be a circular fingerprint sensor, but hey, it is not, but a mere ring that encircles the rear camera setup. The Lunar Ring has a colorful RGB LED light, and that makes it glow when there is a new notification.

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Secondly, the alleged Vivo NEX 2 much like the Nubia X will have dual displays. It will arrive with no notch, no pop up camera or what so ever, so we are expecting a virtually bezel free Vivo NEX 2. The back however will get some chunks of bezel, below and above the display to accomodate the Lunar ring, where in the cameras are situated.

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Lastly, and although not entirely visible, the Vivo NEX 2 rear will not only house a secodary display, but with a triple rear camera setup above it. The Glowing Luna Ring actually encircles the camera setup, andthat probably explains why we can not see the arrangements. With the secondarydisplay and the rear cameras, users will be able to shoot both normal photos as well as selfies with the triple cameras.

While this looks interesing, we still can not confirm which brandis making this phone. But more should be out in the coming days, as this appears to be the start of a teaser campaign. The presenter somewhere in the video mentioned that the device probably could be out in December, so we expect some more intense teasers in the following days.

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