Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock Comes With Highest C-Class Standard

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock

At the Xiaomi AIOT Developers Conference the day before yesterday, the manufacturer officially announced that the Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock will be released on December 5 at 14:00. Today, Mijia Weibo once again issued a statement, mentioning that ‘C is always right’. This is a simple reminder that the Xiaomi’s new smart door lock is a C-class door lock, which highlights the security guarantee.

It is reported that the Mijia Smart Door Lock is designed by Mijia ID design team, adopts the genuine ferrule C-class intelligent lock core, and supports integrated 3D live fingerprint recognition, password, NFC, Bluetooth, and other 6 unlocking methods. There are built-in 7 safety sensors and more than ten security black technologies.

Regardless of the fact whether we are dealing with a traditional door lock or a smart door lock, the key to determining its protective ability lies in the lock cylinder. At present, according to the relevant standards, the door lock core can be divided into three grades A/B/C, and the C-class safety is the best. The GA/T 73 ‘mechanical anti-theft lock’ standard of the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China (MPS) says that the opening time of the three-level lock core prevention technology is not less than 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes, respectively. In fact, when many thieves see the lock with the C-class lock cylinder, they choose to give up immediately, because the process of unlocking is too long and the possibility of being discovered is greatly increased. Therefore, when selecting the smart door locks, you must select the C-class lock cylinders.

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From a technical point of view, the A-class and B-class lock cylinders have fallen behind a lot, and the fake ferrule design cannot guarantee the safety of the lock body. However, many smart door lock manufacturers lacking technical capabilities still use A-class and B-class lock cylinders and dummy ferrules in their products. In this sense, the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock is equipped with a C-class lock cylinder with a true ferrule and is a top-end model.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock

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