Xiaomi crowdfunds a new CIGA mechanical watch (Z series) for 999 Yuan ($145)

Today, Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi, released a new mechanical watch for crowdfunding. The crowdfunded Xiaomi CIGA mechanical watch goes for 999 Yuan ($145) and this is the third generation of CIGA mechanical watch on Xiaomi’s shelf. The Xiaomi CIGA mechanical watch is a third-party product. It is delivered by Shenzhen Haojia Innovation Co., Ltd. which is also responsible for after sale services. It is expected to start shipping from January 20, 2019.

The Xiaomi CIGA mechanical watch is known for its hollow design where you can see through the internals. The Z series uses a combination of a square and round design such that its dial is not entirely square or round (double-sided curve design). It is forged from a strong 316L steel case which gives it the deep beauty of mechanical art. With its double-sided hollowing out design, the gear operation is seamless.

The glass is made from a 1.2 mm thick artificial sapphire with a  Mohr hardness only second to diamonds. It is more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant than the ordinary glass and its durability is top-notch.  It comes with 3ATM waterproof certification which means that it can also be worn on rainy days.

The Xiaomi CIGA mechanical watch (Z series) uses a Seagull movement. This is a Chinese core that accounts for a quarter of the world’s mechanical movements. It is a custom-made AAA-class automatic mechanical movement for seagulls.

The movement energy storage is about 40 hours, the movement frequency is 21600 times/hour, 25 drills, and the movement error is -15-+30 seconds/24 hours.

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